Stocking Clad Homewrecker Part 3

Best viewed after watching Stocking Clad Homewrecker Part 1 and Stocking Clad Homewrecker Part 2.

By now, you are living in a life of debt to me.  I call round once per month to collect my “keep quiet fee”.  You always pay of course, but then again you have no choice.  But today is different…. today I sit you down for a little talk.  I dont beat about the bush,  I get straight to it!  There is one thing that is really annoying me…. it’s that ugly bitch wife of yours.  She is a hinderance.  She gets in the way of my spending.  I don’t want a percent, I want it ALL.  Ditch the bitch and give me 100% of your attention and funds.  She is a waste of your money and time.  This is a tough one for you, but once again I quickly remind you that you have no choice in the matter.  It’s either ditch the bitch and give me the extra cash she would spend, or I show her the footage I have on you, then you face an ugly divorce that drains you of EVERYTHING… think about it… its a no brainer…. do it may way, or the hard way.  DITCH THE BITCH!