Jerk Rinse Repeat

Lets play a findom JOI repeat game. Yes My jerk rince repeat challenge. Over and over on an eternal loop that you can never escape from – but would you really want to escape? Warning this is an addictive arousal exploitation ripoff game that can lead to exteme debt.

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Beautiful Monster

An terrifying yet highly erotic Halloween classic. Draw closer my weak one, don’t be scared. I know you’ve heard many terrifying stories about me, but they are not true. You see, I have been sculpted into an object of desire. A temptation you cannot resist. I’ve been called many names throughout the millenia including Succubus and Siren. Like all males, you will follow your desires. Simply enter My kingdom of lust where I encourage you to stroke to you your desire as I coax you into maximum arousal.

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Bewitched and Owned

Do not be scared – just relax as I inflict My seductive mind fuckery on you with My lethal love potion. Be warned, it is an irreversible potion. There is no antidote. There is no wear off time. Of all the males before you – none have resisted. All have succumbed to the powers of the potion and been consumed for eternity – you will too.

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4 Digit Fix

What started out as curiosity, soon became regular fun, now it is a necessity – the paying fix. Your journey into Findom has been quite the rollercoaster. From that very first small tribute you became well and truly hooked. That doesn’t surprise Me though, because once the fingasm has been experienced, there is no turning back. You are in deep because you need the fix.

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Deep Regret

This has to be My most powerful and corruptive Financial Domination clip yet. I am going to delve deep down into the recesses of the financial slave psyche. As I unfold you page by page, you quickly learn how much I understand you. The way you think, the way you feel, the way you react to every stage of arousal. But let’s talk about that feeling you hate – the deep regret.

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Saffron Says

I’m sure you are familiar with the game “Simon Says”, but have you ever played “Saffron Says”? Today you are going to become my puppet, My jester, willing and ready to do anything I say. In this dangerous findom game, are you really ready to push yourself to new limits?

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Lonely Edging

Well, well, here you are again – home alone on a Friday and Saturday night. Not only that, you are home alone gooning away again at My perfection. It’s ok My weak one, because you were born to be this way. Yes, you were born to be a disconnected friendless loser. You are not really alone though, because I have many inadequate males like you buying My clips whilst I am out partying and having fun.

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Devious JOI Countdown

A very special treat for My pets…. a JOI countdown to cum game.  In this session I am going to instruct you on exactly how to stroke worship, exactly how to feel, exactly how to pace yourself.  See how good I am to My pets.  HOWEVER, if you really know Me well enough, you will know full well that I am rarely a Goddess to hand out treats from the goodness of My heart. You see, today I have a very devious plan for you.

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