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Jerk Rinse Repeat

Lets play a findom JOI repeat game. Yes My jerk rince repeat challenge. Over and over on an eternal loop that you can never escape from – but would you really want to escape? Warning this is an addictive arousal exploitation ripoff game that can lead to exteme debt.

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Bewitched and Owned

Do not be scared – just relax as I inflict My seductive mind fuckery on you with My lethal love potion. Be warned, it is an irreversible potion. There is no antidote. There is no wear off time. Of all the males before you – none have resisted. All have succumbed to the powers of the potion and been consumed for eternity – you will too.

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Xmas Mind Fuckery

That time of year is almost upon us, but this year I am hear to tell you that Christmas is

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Cancel Christmas WMV

That time of year is fast approaching, but this year Christmas is cancelled for all my slaves and losers.  This

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Humiliating Mind Fuckery

Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate hy-pn0 mind fuckery.  You are already a weak slave, but today I

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