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Are you ready for your mind to be dangerously, yet seductively hijacked to My advantage?  Word after word, I break down your last remaining defences. You are going to become My mind slave. I am going to be the ultimate temptress as I consume your mind as My own.

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Slave to The Heel

Succumb to the power of My high heel with the ultimate erotic mind melt session. In this heel trance, I guide you down into mind mush where you will be programmed to submit to the image of My heel. The long black, powerful heel, stirring up your obedient relapse over and over, round and round. Sit back for Me My weak one, as I turn you into a drooling, blank minded heel slave.

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Handsfree Euphoria

Many have pondered the possibility of a handsfree orgasm and many believe it is impossible. Well that is until you submerge yourself in My handsfree orgasm erotic hypnosis. In this powerful femdom hypnosis video, I am going to rewrite your beliefs and expectations. After my initial introduction and deepener your mind will be in a blank state, ready for programming. With my crystal clear soothing voice, I am going to guide you into highly erotic hands free arousal. Stroke after stroke, sensation after sensation you are going to let me take over you.

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Closer Weaker Deeper

Want to experience the bliss of being close to Goddess?  Closer and closer, weaker and weaker, deeper and deeper into My love addiction spell. Yes, the closer, the weaker…. The weaker, the deeper you fall. Round and round in my never ending erotic mind trap, coaxing you in further and further until you are consumed by Me completely. This is a sensual yet dangerous mind manipulation session that will leave you deeply bound to Me for eternity within an endless love addiction spell.

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I am going to rewrite all your fetishes. After watching this powerful femdom mesmerize video you are going to wake up to a new source of arousal. A new fetish. A new way of thinking. I want you to sit or lie down, get yourself comfortable as we go on an erotic journey of new self discovery. After my initial introduction and powerful deepener, your mind will be blank, open and ready for a rewrite. Soon there will be only one way to get hard and that is sending, sending, sending.

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Rubber Latex Glove Addiction

This is a custom requested recording for one of My latex glove addicts (no names are used). In this file

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Mind Scraper

Are you brave enough to expose your subconscious mind to Mind Scraper – one of My most powerful and LETHAL

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A dangerous mind warping erotic treat for My foot addicts – FootNosis. Yes – deep, mind consuming FOOTNOSIS, designed to

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