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Foot Bitch to CEO

You are a successful CEO. You climbed the workplace with promotion after promotion over the years. It has taken you a long time to get here, but it has been so worth it. I am one of your new employees. You invite me to your office for an initial introductory meeting. However, what you don’t know is that I have done my research on your little secrets and weaknesses.

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Man to Drone

Finally you have accepted that findom will always be part of your life. You used to run as the fear of going broke set deep within you. But now you know that living in debt is the price of the Fingasm. You see, like all men, even alphas, I eventually turn them in to money drones.

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Stocking Addict Rehab

I am a devious therapist that you visit for the first time. Wearing My sexy professional attire, including seductive seamed stockings, you explain to Me your secret love for legs, feet and stockings. You are hoping that I can cure you of this addiction. I tell you that I can definitely help you, as I have a great technique involving hypnosis therapy.

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Ego Teardown

Slaves who crave the bliss of My destructive words – get ready to experience the ultimate humiliation hypnosis. Once captivated by My sensual mind trap, I pounce in deep with my ego destroying subliminals. Tearing down your dignity, resistance and self identity with every breath you take. Cruel word after cruel word, I melt you down into a mere shadow of the man you once were. I am going to dismantle your personality block by block.

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At Any Cost

Today I invite you into my luxurious abode. Like many weak boys before you – you are going to be yet another minion who adds to My wealth. There are no limits to what you will do for me, because the thought of paying ME sends shivers down your spine and pulsations in your groin. Once I flash my longs legs, I pull you in even further, ready to serve me regardless of the price.

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Bitch Programming

This femdom hypnosis file has been specifically created for submissive males who crave for further bitch humiliation. The much sought after humiliation of becoming My bitch, My Whore, My slut is what I know you crave for the most. In this potent file, you will be programmed to go that extra mile and do anything for me without limits.

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Deep Regret

This has to be My most powerful and corruptive Financial Domination clip yet. I am going to delve deep down into the recesses of the financial slave psyche. As I unfold you page by page, you quickly learn how much I understand you. The way you think, the way you feel, the way you react to every stage of arousal. But let’s talk about that feeling you hate – the deep regret.

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Saffron Says

I’m sure you are familiar with the game “Simon Says”, but have you ever played “Saffron Says”? Today you are going to become my puppet, My jester, willing and ready to do anything I say. In this dangerous findom game, are you really ready to push yourself to new limits?

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