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Sub Lockdown

An essential classic femdom hypnosis session for your collection. Today you are going to go deep for Me – eyes wide – mind open. With my powerful hypnotic ability, I am going to make you My good boy. You are going to become my mind slut. A dedicated trance whore of Goddess Saffron. As I drop you down deep, your mind opens willingly to My manipulative mind fuckery. Throughout this intensive 25 minutes of mental programming, I am going to take you through my initial induction, deepener than BANG, the essential programming will kick in.

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Man to Drone

Finally you have accepted that findom will always be part of your life. You used to run as the fear of going broke set deep within you. But now you know that living in debt is the price of the Fingasm. You see, like all men, even alphas, I eventually turn them in to money drones.

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Blackmail Experiment Part 1 – Spill your Dirt

Today you will bring to life your most feared fantasy – your blackmail fantasy that is. Face it, you are terrified of spilling your dirt and personal info to Me. Today is when you are going to end the fantasy and make it a reality. It will become so easy for you to play the first part of My little blackmail experiment game – Spill your dirt.

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Jerk Rinse Repeat

Lets play a findom JOI repeat game. Yes My jerk rince repeat challenge. Over and over on an eternal loop that you can never escape from – but would you really want to escape? Warning this is an addictive arousal exploitation ripoff game that can lead to exteme debt.

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Beautiful Monster

An terrifying yet highly erotic Halloween classic. Draw closer my weak one, don’t be scared. I know you’ve heard many terrifying stories about me, but they are not true. You see, I have been sculpted into an object of desire. A temptation you cannot resist. I’ve been called many names throughout the millenia including Succubus and Siren. Like all males, you will follow your desires. Simply enter My kingdom of lust where I encourage you to stroke to you your desire as I coax you into maximum arousal.

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Bewitched and Owned

Do not be scared – just relax as I inflict My seductive mind fuckery on you with My lethal love potion. Be warned, it is an irreversible potion. There is no antidote. There is no wear off time. Of all the males before you – none have resisted. All have succumbed to the powers of the potion and been consumed for eternity – you will too.

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Findom Demon

This corruptive halloween video creation is all about temptation. Dangerous, manipulative and highly charged temptation. As you jerk to the command of the findom demon, you are pushed to cross your most feared boundaries. Are you ready to be devilishly coaxed into head spinning arousal and financial risk?

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