Instagram! The place to be on social media right? Actually NO – not if you’re a model, femdom, or in any way using Instagram to promote your adult business or spread the power of your sexuality.

Before I go into detail – The ONLY place I now post photos, selfies, behind the scenes, goddess life, slave tasks and more is at:

Why I have given up with Instagram

Due to my bad experience of instagram – the repeated deletions – the constant worry if my account is going to get deleted, I have decided to take a step back from such painstaking and pointless platform.  It has proven futile to put so much daily posting effort, over months and years, only to be deleted at a click of a button – without any explanation.  No violation of terms were ever broken to my knowledge.  Why risk precious time updating an instagram profile only to have all your work gone in an instant – regardless of the number of profiles you make.  Once a profile reaches a certain number of followers, your risk of deletion increase.

On Instagram I am unable to:
a) link to my website, clip stores, slave school.
b) refer to myself as a Findom, Financial Domme and Hypnodomme.
c) wear any form of revealing outfit – (although there are many major league porn companies promoting their bevvies of scantily clad beauties!)
d) unable to post clip previews or links to my latest releases.
e) use relevant hashtags to advertise my content to my niche audience.
f) have confidence that my account will not be deleted tomorrow or 6 months down the line.

My history of Instagram account deletion

  1. 20th January 2018 My @saffrontaylor Instagram deleted with 18k followers.
    No adult content was posts, no nudity (not that I would anyway), no links, no spam – NO EXPLANATION!
  2. On 19th April 2018 My @goddesssaffron Instragram account deleted with 15k followers
    Again, No adult content, no nudity, no links, no spam – NO EXPLANATION!
  3. On 8th April 2019 My @Goddess_Saffron Instagram account deleted with 330 posts and 22k followers
  4. On 9th April 2019 I opened a new Instagram @goddesssaffron3 – it was deleted in 2 hours after adding 3 portrait photos!

My last Instagram accounts standing are:
@saffrontaylorlatex (which is mainly latex fashion), @schoolforslaves and @theslavering

However, I will not be putting too much effort into these account as they could be deleted tomorrow, in a years time, or when they reach 300k followers.

Instagram Alternative for Models

So what is an Instagram alternative for models you may ask – quite simple
It is a more reliable platform where you can build up content, without worry of being deleted.