Slave Application

femdom slave application

What is a slave application?

Before submitting a slave application, lets get one thing straight – if you are serious about wanting to be one of My slaves, you will have no hesitation in tributing  $75+ or sending a £60+ gift card.  Further more, I am a Financial Dominatrix and by submitting a slave application, you are taking your first step to being taken seriously.

Subsequently, it is a great homour to become a slave of Mine and should not be taken lightly. Importantly, there is only one thing you are useful for  – pleasing Me in the way of financial servitude, gifts and promting My Empire.  Ensure to join My online slave training academy, interactive workhouse and slave community at and graduate My courses to ensure you are a proficient slave.  In you will earn points for completing courses and with every act of servitude all leading to the removal of your male ego and growth of your devotion – the ultimate goal.  I also expect you to subscribe to my latest clips newsletter and subscribe to for all my photos, fetish theme days and daily life.

Note: I do NOT do real time, in-person femdom sessions or personal meets. Do not contact me offering ways in which to avoid paying.

What is the slave Application Process?

Want to know more about my slave application process?  What’s involved and how I approve a slave? Simply Download and watch my video Slave Application Process which will give you all the information you want from how I utilise slaves to how I delete slaves.  If you want to make the commitment of becoming a numbered slave of mine? watch this video… because in this clip I introduce you to my process. Oh yes, my process is quite simple…

I out timewasters and those who can’t afford me. If you are lucky enough to get past my first test, you will be issued with a slave number. This slave number will be your new identity. Your new life. your new name. It will then be assigned to your slave profile and you will earn the numbered slave achievement getting you more points. You will become nothing more than a number on my slave spreadsheet. Yet in this video I will also be telling you about a very important column in my spreadsheet. If you fail me… my long manicured finger will quickly slide over to the DELETE button which will be firmly pressed! Do you think you have what it takes to become a numbered slave of mine? Watch this clip to find out!


What is the duty of a Slave?

First you will submit a slave application and become an approved slave of mine.  After that, when you are approved and assigned a slave number this will be your new identity.

I am often asked “how can I serve you Goddess?” Well, you are in luck, because I have written an article how to serve Me. Make sure you read it, because it contains essential information on your new role as a submissive slave within My empire.  But, remember – I am not here to provide you with My attention – you are here to provide Me with the luxury that I deserve.

Above all, you will not think or question your daily tasks in  Therefore, you will simply obey without hesitation.

To sum up, are you really ready to be owned?

How do I submit a slave application?

Now it is time for you to make that first important step – you will ensure you are registered at and then submit your slave application to prove to me how serious you are about serving me and contributing to my empire.  Are you ready to become a cog in my machine?  A drop in my ocean?  A soldier in my army?  If so, submit your slave application by following the important steps:

Step 1: Send Compulsory Tribute

or your application will be ignored

Step 2: Submit Slave Application

Ensure you are registered at then submit your slave application