How to Serve Me


Apply to be a slave

To become a fully fledged numbered slave of Mine, you will need to apply as a slave.  Once approved you will earn the numbered slave badge and slave points in

If you have just been approved and received your slave number, good boy.  Firstly, you will add “slave [Number] owned by @goddesssaffron” somewhere on your twitter profile. This is My way of branding slaves and remembering who you are. If you do not have a Twitter account, get one now.

The Slave Ring

If you are a numbered slave, you will have earned access to

Slave Training

If you haven’t done so already, I want you to enrol in and graduate at least from the Beginner Slave Training Course, then the Intermediate Slave Training Course. Each completed course will earn you an achievement in the slave ring.

Now it is time for you to begin your slavery by serving Me consistently via the following methods:-

Personalised slave tasks, Messaging and Chat

Many slaves want to message Me directly and receive personal slave tasks.  This however is impossible for Me to do with hundreds of slaves craving My attention.  However, what I will do is live chat with you, answer your messages and send you personalised slave tasks via paid messages in My OnlyFans site 7 days per week.  I am on there most of the time so respond pretty quickly (unless I am sleeping!). By subscribing you will also access My photos, clip teasers, candid pics and videos, femdom motivational memes, plus it is an easier way to tribute too.

Tributes and Gifts

Make me notice you by showering Me frequently with tributes and gifts at and never ever forget occasions such as Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas and My Birthday in September. Tributing is by far the fastest way to get My attention and reduce your male ego in the slave ring.

Promote Me

One of your duties as My slave is to go out like a good little soldier and recruit as many new slaves for Me as possible. Go online and promote my website on social media and everywhere there are potential new slaves. Don’t put Me on YouTube though, as I am selective as to what goes on there.


Although not exactly serving, the following are absolute basic expectations from My slaves:-

Buy My clips

Ensure you have purchased all my clips and continue to buy new releases at and

Even if you don’t like the latest clip fetish, buy it anyway, I don’t care what you think. I am not here for your pleasure – you are here for Mine. By buying My clips you increase My ranking on clip sites, which leads to more slaves within My Empire. Another good idea is to buy My clips over and over again even if you’ve already downloaded them, all for the pleasure of buying them.

Order Custom Videos

Order a video clip made from your very own script and ensure it is accompanied with a tribute.

If you are a numbered slave, welcome to my army of submissives. Now get on with serving Me!

Remember to serve frequently.  Infrequent servitude will risk having your slave number revoked.

your Goddess
Goddess Saffron