Foot Bitch to CEO

You are a successful CEO. You climbed the workplace with promotion after promotion over the years. It has taken you a long time to get here, but it has been so worth it. I am one of your new employees. You invite me to your office for an initial introductory meeting. However, what you don’t know is that I have done my research on your little secrets and weaknesses.

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I’m your new boss.  I’ve called you into My office today to tell you that I have checked the results

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Empowering Nylons

You are a successful business man, running a multi national corporation.  You are used to dictating to people every single

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Strict Nylon Boss Part 2

Best viewed after watching clip ‘Strict Nylon Boss Part 1‘. Today you are in My office again for morning foot

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Strict Nylon Boss Part 1

I am your new boss and you are my new assistant.  I notice quickly your obsession at my legs and

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