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Suffer for Me

At first, the thought of paying a Financial Dominatrix seemed crazy to you, but now you are addicted. Once you tasted the sweet poison of my financial control, you have begun to crave it daily. The tributes have got bigger, the sacrifices have got riskier. You see, every big tribute has consequences and every large spending spree has even bigger consequences.

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Renounce your Religion

Most likely you will value your religion, because you were born into it.  However, your religion was determined before you ever had a choice.  Your religion is most likely due to the part of the world or culture which you were born into. Can you see how the choice of your religion was never yours. Today however, I am going to give you an adrenaline surging choice. Today you will renounce your religion in honour of your true pleasure – Your true lust – Your true desires.

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Stay Away

Can you really? Can you truly avoid Me. After tasting My power and manipulation, you experience climaxes like nothing before. These climaxes were triggered after genuine FINDOM, REAL life demolishing tributes. After a great many drips, I wore down your sense of self dignity and financial stability. You adore the fix. You hunger for the climaxes. You NEED My defilement.

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Sub Drop Therapy

What is a Sub Drop? – A Sub Drop is the feeling of regret, self loathing, anxiety, depression that is occasionally experienced after substantial act of servitude both financially and physically to a powerful Mistress or Dominatrix. Have you ever realy experienced a sub drop?   Yes you most likely have.  So today you visit Me for sub drop therapy.

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Make your Woman My Whore

I have a wonderful, groin throbbing business idea to propose today.  A business proposal that once you listen to it, will send shivers down your spine. You see, My power has gone way beyond controlling you now. I want MORE.  My power is now going to control the woman in your life. 

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Devious JOI Countdown

A very special treat for My pets…. a JOI countdown to cum game.  In this session I am going to instruct you on exactly how to stroke worship, exactly how to feel, exactly how to pace yourself.  See how good I am to My pets.  HOWEVER, if you really know Me well enough, you will know full well that I am rarely a Goddess to hand out treats from the goodness of My heart. You see, today I have a very devious plan for you.

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Mind Scraper

Are you brave enough to expose your subconscious mind to Mind Scraper – one of My most powerful and LETHAL

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I’m your new boss.  I’ve called you into My office today to tell you that I have checked the results

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