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Renounce your Religion

Most likely you will value your religion, because you were born into it.  However, your religion was determined before you ever had a choice.  Your religion is most likely due to the part of the world or culture which you were born into. Can you see how the choice of your religion was never yours. Today however, I am going to give you an adrenaline surging choice. Today you will renounce your religion in honour of your true pleasure – Your true lust – Your true desires.

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Devious JOI Countdown

A very special treat for My pets…. a JOI countdown to cum game.  In this session I am going to instruct you on exactly how to stroke worship, exactly how to feel, exactly how to pace yourself.  See how good I am to My pets.  HOWEVER, if you really know Me well enough, you will know full well that I am rarely a Goddess to hand out treats from the goodness of My heart. You see, today I have a very devious plan for you.

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Serve My Legs

I am well known for My very long, slim, toned legs.  They are one of My most powerful features.  As

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Maxed Out

So you’ve tried findom from time to time, but wondered what all the fuss is about. Well My weak one,

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I Will Break you

You read the title of this clip and felt fear surge through your body – but that fear also caused

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Experimental Sub

Welcome to the first of it’s kind, interactive slave experiment. Yes, today you are going to become one of My

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How to Get My Attention

Every day, I get so many boys out there begging and craving My attention, just hoping for that one groin

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Xmas Ripoff Part 4

So you’ve watched Xmas Ripoff Part 1, Xmas Ripoff Part 2 and Xmas Ripoff Part 3, I have milked you

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