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Suffer for Me

At first, the thought of paying a Financial Dominatrix seemed crazy to you, but now you are addicted. Once you tasted the sweet poison of my financial control, you have begun to crave it daily. The tributes have got bigger, the sacrifices have got riskier. You see, every big tribute has consequences and every large spending spree has even bigger consequences.

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Lonely Edging

Well, well, here you are again – home alone on a Friday and Saturday night. Not only that, you are home alone gooning away again at My perfection. It’s ok My weak one, because you were born to be this way. Yes, you were born to be a disconnected friendless loser. You are not really alone though, because I have many inadequate males like you buying My clips whilst I am out partying and having fun.

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Open Wide

Your insatiable and addictive desire to by wallet fucked by Me not only scares the hell out of you – but it sends waves of pleasure throughout your body. Only by Me milking increasing amounts of cash from you can you experience what I call a Fingasm. You see, now you have realised that the only way you can truly experience an earth shattering Fingasm is by paying, paying more and even more.

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Duchess Diaries Part 2

After watching Meet Duchess Diamonds and Duchess Diaries Part 1 you are now in deep. The devious destructive Duchess has hijacked your heart and cock. In the second of the Duchess Diaries series you are going to learn about the ongoing adventures of Duchess Diamonds. In today’s video the Duchess uses more cruel, yet incredibly sexy methods of milking weak rich males.

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Slave Wealth Coach

After watching video Slave life coach you are closer to increasing your chances of becoming My number one slave. You followed My commands in the video and served Me to the best of your abiliy – but alas it is still not good enough and substandard in My eyes. I want you to excel. I want you to succeed.

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Long Hair Bliss Part 2

After watching clip Long Hair Bliss Part 1 your addiction to My flowing long platinum blonde hair has deepened more than ever before. With every new video release, your heart pounds in anticipation of this eagerly awaited second hair fetish video. In this cIip I’m getting ready for a night out. I am dressed in eye popping push up bra, which along with my long blonde hair, are weapons of mass submission.

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Lethal Financial Advisor

After working so hard over the last few years, your wife has suggested that you get advice from a Financial Advisor. Afterall, you really need to maximise your hard earned savings. You consult with an unexpectedly beautiful financial advisor who specialises in wealth management. Your eyes are fixated on her perfect breasts and long nylon stocking clad legs. You can tell from her attire that she is incredible well dressed, wearing very expensive Christian Louboutin high heels and a a Louis Vuitton handbag strategically placed on her desk.

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Duchess Diaries Part 1

After watching clip Meet Duchess Diamonds you are now addicted. You crave even more of the deviously destructive Duchess and commander of souls. In the first of the Duchess Diaries series you are going to learn about the ongoing adventures of The Duchess Diamonds. You see, the Duchess is of high pedigree and royal lineage.  You are nothing more than feral. Her British aristocracy has you on your knees and begging to be broken.

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