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Bewitched and Owned

Do not be scared – just relax as I inflict My seductive mind fuckery on you with My lethal love potion. Be warned, it is an irreversible potion. There is no antidote. There is no wear off time. Of all the males before you – none have resisted. All have succumbed to the powers of the potion and been consumed for eternity – you will too.

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Satin Glove Trap

Resistance became futile once you noticed I am wearing black long satin gloves in this video. Brace yourself, because today I am going to melt you down, further and deeper into your glove fetish addiction. Come closer My weak one – I am going to corrupt your desires and manipulate you with my long elegant slim fingers. With each hand gesture, I am moulding, shaping and creating a perfect slave specimen. There is no escape from a powerful woman with such seductive hands and it is so effortless on my part – oh so easy.

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Rubber Latex Glove Addiction

This is a custom requested recording for one of My latex glove addicts (no names are used). In this file

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Mind Scraper

Are you brave enough to expose your subconscious mind to Mind Scraper – one of My most powerful and LETHAL

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In My Hands

Are you ready to experience the feeling of being enslaved in My soft warm palms? Are you ready to know

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Sink deep My pet, deep under the beautiful influence of My powerful long red nails. Relax as I seductively scrape

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Moulded to My Will

I have been told many times that I have very sensual, elegant and feminine hands that I move them seductively

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Mind Shaper

Today you are going to moulded into the NEW you. After My bewitching hypnotic introduction and deepener, My long elegant,

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