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Satin Glove Trap

Resistance became futile once you noticed I am wearing black long satin gloves in this video. Brace yourself, because today I am going to melt you down, further and deeper into your glove fetish addiction. Come closer My weak one – I am going to corrupt your desires and manipulate you with my long elegant slim fingers. With each hand gesture, I am moulding, shaping and creating a perfect slave specimen. There is no escape from a powerful woman with such seductive hands and it is so effortless on my part – oh so easy.

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Rubber Latex Glove Addiction

This is a custom requested recording for one of My latex glove addicts (no names are used). In this file

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Glove Puppet

Your glove addiction is going to reach a new level.  The mere sight of my elegant long satin clad fingers

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Fucked up and Owned

Do you remember the humiliating tasks I had you do last time you came to visit Me?  Oh that’s right,

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Successful Man to Broken Bum

You are a successful business man in a powerful authoritative position.  You are used to people running around for you

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No End to the Cycle

You just couldn’t stay away from me could you?  You’ve been obsessing about the last time I massively bank drained

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Satin Glove Mind Control

Immerse yourself in this ultimate glove fetish mind control experience.  Be ready to melt away all resistance as you succumb

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Femme Fatale at the Opera

This is a classic femdom masterpiece. Today you meet the ultimate Femme Fatale whilst at the Opera.  She is dressed

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