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Ultimate Ripoff

This clip has already grabbed your attention – hence why you are reading this right now.  Are you ready for the ultimate ripoff? How deep will you really go with your addictive financial domination fetish? How real do you want to make it? Are you really stupid enough to buy this powerful, short, destructive clip? Yes you are – because you are a stupid boy. A puppet ready for the taking and completely ripe for plucking.

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Make your Woman My Whore

I have a wonderful, groin throbbing business idea to propose today.  A business proposal that once you listen to it, will send shivers down your spine. You see, My power has gone way beyond controlling you now. I want MORE.  My power is now going to control the woman in your life. 

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How to Get My Attention

Every day, I get so many boys out there begging and craving My attention, just hoping for that one groin

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Xmas Ripoff Part 2

After watching Xmas Ripoff Part 1, you can now not resist buying this Xmas Ripoff part 2. In the second

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Xmas Ripoff Part 1

You are a very brave boy – to dare to read this dangerous, mind fuckery, JOI Xmas Ripoff video description. 

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Festive Mega Milking

Today I am going to reveal to you a TRUE story about a new slave of Mine who began his

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A Broke Christmas

It’s such a magical time of year for many people – fun and laughter, happiness and giving, family time, partying

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Xmas Spending For Slaves

Most material things in My world have been bought by slaves. All My money in one of My BIG bank

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