Duchess Diaries Part 4

You’ve been craving the next adventure in the Duchess Diaries series. Well today is your lucky day, because the Duchess is back. She returns more ruthless, more beautiful and more dangerous than ever. Today’s adventure includes an unexpected encounter with Duchess Diamonds in a very expensive restaurant. Your romantic evening with your wife, quickly turns into adrenaline pumping arousal when the Duchess makes her grand entrance, with entourage in tow.

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Ultimate Ripoff Part 2

Yes you were stupid enough to buy ultimate ripofff part 1, but the big question is… are you pathetic enough to buy this, the sequel – ultimate ripoff part 2. In this video, the pathetic weak boy game continues. Milked both mentally and financially, you are going to feel degraded, used, abused and you are going love every minute of it. Are you going to be My next stupid boy?

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Duchess Diaries Part 3

Good news – Duchess Diamonds is back in Duchess Diaries Part 3. After watching Meet Duchess Diamonds and Duchess Diaries Part 1 and Duchess Diaries Part 2, you are now craving more and more of the serene aristocratic beauty. You are aching to hear more of Her cruel, yet eloquent British accent. You are obsessed about Her in luxury fur attire, jewels and life of abundance. You want her bewitching control more than ever.

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Lonely Edging

Well, well, here you are again – home alone on a Friday and Saturday night. Not only that, you are home alone gooning away again at My perfection. It’s ok My weak one, because you were born to be this way. Yes, you were born to be a disconnected friendless loser. You are not really alone though, because I have many inadequate males like you buying My clips whilst I am out partying and having fun.

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Open Wide

Your insatiable and addictive desire to by wallet fucked by Me not only scares the hell out of you – but it sends waves of pleasure throughout your body. Only by Me milking increasing amounts of cash from you can you experience what I call a Fingasm. You see, now you have realised that the only way you can truly experience an earth shattering Fingasm is by paying, paying more and even more.

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Duchess Diaries Part 2

After watching Meet Duchess Diamonds and Duchess Diaries Part 1 you are now in deep. The devious destructive Duchess has hijacked your heart and cock. In the second of the Duchess Diaries series you are going to learn about the ongoing adventures of Duchess Diamonds. In today’s video the Duchess uses more cruel, yet incredibly sexy methods of milking weak rich males.

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Duchess Diaries Part 1

After watching clip Meet Duchess Diamonds you are now addicted. You crave even more of the deviously destructive Duchess and commander of souls. In the first of the Duchess Diaries series you are going to learn about the ongoing adventures of The Duchess Diamonds. You see, the Duchess is of high pedigree and royal lineage.  You are nothing more than feral. Her British aristocracy has you on your knees and begging to be broken.

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Ultimate Ripoff

This clip has already grabbed your attention – hence why you are reading this right now.  Are you ready for the ultimate ripoff? How deep will you really go with your addictive financial domination fetish? How real do you want to make it? Are you really stupid enough to buy this powerful, short, destructive clip? Yes you are – because you are a stupid boy. A puppet ready for the taking and completely ripe for plucking.

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