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Man to Drone

Finally you have accepted that findom will always be part of your life. You used to run as the fear of going broke set deep within you. But now you know that living in debt is the price of the Fingasm. You see, like all men, even alphas, I eventually turn them in to money drones.

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Blackmail Experiment Part 1 – Spill your Dirt

Today you will bring to life your most feared fantasy – your blackmail fantasy that is. Face it, you are terrified of spilling your dirt and personal info to Me. Today is when you are going to end the fantasy and make it a reality. It will become so easy for you to play the first part of My little blackmail experiment game – Spill your dirt.

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Jerk Rinse Repeat

Lets play a findom JOI repeat game. Yes My jerk rince repeat challenge. Over and over on an eternal loop that you can never escape from – but would you really want to escape? Warning this is an addictive arousal exploitation ripoff game that can lead to exteme debt.

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Findom Demon

This corruptive halloween video creation is all about temptation. Dangerous, manipulative and highly charged temptation. As you jerk to the command of the findom demon, you are pushed to cross your most feared boundaries. Are you ready to be devilishly coaxed into head spinning arousal and financial risk?

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4 Digit Fix

What started out as curiosity, soon became regular fun, now it is a necessity – the paying fix. Your journey into Findom has been quite the rollercoaster. From that very first small tribute you became well and truly hooked. That doesn’t surprise Me though, because once the fingasm has been experienced, there is no turning back. You are in deep because you need the fix.

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At Any Cost

Today I invite you into my luxurious abode. Like many weak boys before you – you are going to be yet another minion who adds to My wealth. There are no limits to what you will do for me, because the thought of paying ME sends shivers down your spine and pulsations in your groin. Once I flash my longs legs, I pull you in even further, ready to serve me regardless of the price.

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Pay Slave Programming

After completing My you are craving the fix of Pay Slave Programming. You have experienced a fingasm now you are hooked. However, deep down within you, there is the fear. The fear of losing total control and ending up in inevitable debt. Do not fear My weak one, because in today’s groin throbbing femdom hypnosis video, I am going to program you to be the perfect pay slave.

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Findom Debt Therapy

Your findom addiction has gone too far. You’ve visited various findom therapists but none have helped you kick your self destructive habit. But today you visit Me, a specialist in findom debt therapy. On my application, I ask some unusual questions of which you eagerly answer. On entering my office you are pleasantly surprised to see me wearing a pair of seductive black nylon stockings – your ultimate weakness.

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