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Ultimate Ripoff

This clip has already grabbed your attention – hence why you are reading this right now.  Are you ready for the ultimate ripoff? How deep will you really go with your addictive financial domination fetish? How real do you want to make it? Are you really stupid enough to buy this powerful, short, destructive clip? Yes you are – because you are a stupid boy. A puppet ready for the taking and completely ripe for plucking.

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Long Hair Bliss Part 1

My long platinum blonde hair is one of the many powerful assets in my arsenal of weapons to seduce males. One look of my flowing long blonde hair and many men collapse to their knees – especially weak males with a long hair fetish.  This video is a special treat to all the weak boys out there who begged me for a long hair brushing video. Yes, today you will get to feast your eyes upon me brushing through my platinum mane. 

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Renounce your Religion

Most likely you will value your religion, because you were born into it.  However, your religion was determined before you ever had a choice.  Your religion is most likely due to the part of the world or culture which you were born into. Can you see how the choice of your religion was never yours. Today however, I am going to give you an adrenaline surging choice. Today you will renounce your religion in honour of your true pleasure – Your true lust – Your true desires.

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Satin Glove Trap

Resistance became futile once you noticed I am wearing black long satin gloves in this video. Brace yourself, because today I am going to melt you down, further and deeper into your glove fetish addiction. Come closer My weak one – I am going to corrupt your desires and manipulate you with my long elegant slim fingers. With each hand gesture, I am moulding, shaping and creating a perfect slave specimen. There is no escape from a powerful woman with such seductive hands and it is so effortless on my part – oh so easy.

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Divorce Laywer

Recently, you have been experiencing marital difficulties and are uncertain if a divorce is the best choice. You decide to consult me, a sexy divorce lawyer for some advice. Little do you know, your divorce lawyer happens to be a hot blonde wearing sheer lace top stockings. After an initial conversation, I run you through the advantages of going ahead with the divorce and list all the  benefits, such as freedom, more residual income, independence etc.

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Stay Away

Can you really? Can you truly avoid Me. After tasting My power and manipulation, you experience climaxes like nothing before. These climaxes were triggered after genuine FINDOM, REAL life demolishing tributes. After a great many drips, I wore down your sense of self dignity and financial stability. You adore the fix. You hunger for the climaxes. You NEED My defilement.

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Sub Drop Therapy

What is a Sub Drop? – A Sub Drop is the feeling of regret, self loathing, anxiety, depression that is occasionally experienced after substantial act of servitude both financially and physically to a powerful Mistress or Dominatrix. Have you ever realy experienced a sub drop?   Yes you most likely have.  So today you visit Me for sub drop therapy.

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Make your Woman My Whore

I have a wonderful, groin throbbing business idea to propose today.  A business proposal that once you listen to it, will send shivers down your spine. You see, My power has gone way beyond controlling you now. I want MORE.  My power is now going to control the woman in your life. 

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