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Saffron Says

I’m sure you are familiar with the game “Simon Says”, but have you ever played “Saffron Says”? Today you are going to become my puppet, My jester, willing and ready to do anything I say. In this dangerous findom game, are you really ready to push yourself to new limits?

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Dump your Distraction

I want you to face up to reality – your wife or girlfriend is a distraction. I want you focused and 100% dedicated to your one true addiction – Me. Just admit it, she is a drain on your pleasure. She is pulling you down and stopping you from experiencing true pleasure.

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Business Deal Gone Wrong

Today I am going to make you a business proposal that you can’t possibly refuse. A business deal that will give you so much long term pleasure and will be fixated on your mind for the rest of your life. Now take a seat and let me explain my business proposal.

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Sign it Over to Me

You have a big dilemma – you are quickly running out of ways to serve Me well. You have maxed out your credit cards, gone into your bank overdrafts and even borrowed money from your poor relatives. Now your arrears are rendering you useless to Me. The thought of Me never being a part if your life again is unbearable. However, do not despair My weak one, because today I am going to make you a proposal that you cannot refuse.

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Duchess Diaries Part 4

You’ve been craving the next adventure in the Duchess Diaries series. Well today is your lucky day, because the Duchess is back. She returns more ruthless, more beautiful and more dangerous than ever. Today’s adventure includes an unexpected encounter with Duchess Diamonds in a very expensive restaurant. Your romantic evening with your wife, quickly turns into adrenaline pumping arousal when the Duchess makes her grand entrance, with entourage in tow.

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Ultimate Ripoff Part 2

Yes you were stupid enough to buy ultimate ripofff part 1, but the big question is… are you pathetic enough to buy this, the sequel – ultimate ripoff part 2. In this video, the pathetic weak boy game continues. Milked both mentally and financially, you are going to feel degraded, used, abused and you are going love every minute of it. Are you going to be My next stupid boy?

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Renounce your Religion

Most likely you will value your religion, because you were born into it.  However, your religion was determined before you ever had a choice.  Your religion is most likely due to the part of the world or culture which you were born into. Can you see how the choice of your religion was never yours. Today however, I am going to give you an adrenaline surging choice. Today you will renounce your religion in honour of your true pleasure – Your true lust – Your true desires.

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Divorce Laywer

Recently, you have been experiencing marital difficulties and are uncertain if a divorce is the best choice. You decide to consult me, a sexy divorce lawyer for some advice. Little do you know, your divorce lawyer happens to be a hot blonde wearing sheer lace top stockings. After an initial conversation, I run you through the advantages of going ahead with the divorce and list all the  benefits, such as freedom, more residual income, independence etc.

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