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Foot Bitch to CEO

You are a successful CEO. You climbed the workplace with promotion after promotion over the years. It has taken you a long time to get here, but it has been so worth it. I am one of your new employees. You invite me to your office for an initial introductory meeting. However, what you don’t know is that I have done my research on your little secrets and weaknesses.

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Stocking Addict Rehab

I am a devious therapist that you visit for the first time. Wearing My sexy professional attire, including seductive seamed stockings, you explain to Me your secret love for legs, feet and stockings. You are hoping that I can cure you of this addiction. I tell you that I can definitely help you, as I have a great technique involving hypnosis therapy.

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Findom Debt Therapy

Your findom addiction has gone too far. You’ve visited various findom therapists but none have helped you kick your self destructive habit. But today you visit Me, a specialist in findom debt therapy. On my application, I ask some unusual questions of which you eagerly answer. On entering my office you are pleasantly surprised to see me wearing a pair of seductive black nylon stockings – your ultimate weakness.

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Saffron Says

I’m sure you are familiar with the game “Simon Says”, but have you ever played “Saffron Says”? Today you are going to become my puppet, My jester, willing and ready to do anything I say. In this dangerous findom game, are you really ready to push yourself to new limits?

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Business Deal Gone Wrong

Today I am going to make you a business proposal that you can’t possibly refuse. A business deal that will give you so much long term pleasure and will be fixated on your mind for the rest of your life. Now take a seat and let me explain my business proposal.

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Femdom Evolution

Today I am going to talk about the journey that got you into Femdom. It all began when your obsession with porn consumed you so much that you needed something more. One day, something snapped within you didn’t it?  You found the BDSM category.  Mainstream vanilla porn didn’t do it for you anymore. You wanted something more.  You craved more risk and exhilaration. 

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Slave Wealth Coach

After watching video Slave life coach you are closer to increasing your chances of becoming My number one slave. You followed My commands in the video and served Me to the best of your abiliy – but alas it is still not good enough and substandard in My eyes. I want you to excel. I want you to succeed.

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Lethal Financial Advisor

After working so hard over the last few years, your wife has suggested that you get advice from a Financial Advisor. Afterall, you really need to maximise your hard earned savings. You consult with an unexpectedly beautiful financial advisor who specialises in wealth management. Your eyes are fixated on her perfect breasts and long nylon stocking clad legs. You can tell from her attire that she is incredible well dressed, wearing very expensive Christian Louboutin high heels and a a Louis Vuitton handbag strategically placed on her desk.

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