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Business Deal Gone Wrong

Today I am going to make you a business proposal that you can’t possibly refuse. A business deal that will give you so much long term pleasure and will be fixated on your mind for the rest of your life. Now take a seat and let me explain my business proposal.

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Lethal Financial Advisor

After working so hard over the last few years, your wife has suggested that you get advice from a Financial Advisor. Afterall, you really need to maximise your hard earned savings. You consult with an unexpectedly beautiful financial advisor who specialises in wealth management. Your eyes are fixated on her perfect breasts and long nylon stocking clad legs. You can tell from her attire that she is incredible well dressed, wearing very expensive Christian Louboutin high heels and a a Louis Vuitton handbag strategically placed on her desk.

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Divorce Laywer

Recently, you have been experiencing marital difficulties and are uncertain if a divorce is the best choice. You decide to consult me, a sexy divorce lawyer for some advice. Little do you know, your divorce lawyer happens to be a hot blonde wearing sheer lace top stockings. After an initial conversation, I run you through the advantages of going ahead with the divorce and list all theĀ  benefits, such as freedom, more residual income, independence etc.

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A dangerous mind warping erotic treat for My foot addicts – FootNosis. Yes – deep, mind consuming FOOTNOSIS, designed to

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Sole Tease

I just love manipulating weak, simple minded males like yourself, especially all the dumb little foot piggies out there. It

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Dreamy Foot Worship JOI

Sit back and relax as I take you on a dreamy, mind hijacking journey of foot worship JOI. All you

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Weakening Foot Trap

Oh the mere thought of My delicious soles, high arches, pedicured toe nails and wrinkled soles every time I clench

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Jerk Away Your Pay Check

I know this is out of character for Me, but I am going to be good to you today. I

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