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Bewitched and Owned

Do not be scared – just relax as I inflict My seductive mind fuckery on you with My lethal love potion. Be warned, it is an irreversible potion. There is no antidote. There is no wear off time. Of all the males before you – none have resisted. All have succumbed to the powers of the potion and been consumed for eternity – you will too.

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I Will Fuck you Up

You have been drawn to this for a purpose. You know there is danger in watching the full video. You

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Dangerous Indulgence

Be warned, without your knowledge, Goddess has slipped her luscious Divine potion into your drink. Your sensory perception has been

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Findom Amnesia

you keep getting black outs only to find out days later that you’ve spent large amounts of cash…. on what,

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Inhale your Mind Away

The ultimate femdom hypnosis mind fuck. Today you are going to get out that little bottle of poppers and inhale

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Fucked up and Owned

Do you remember the humiliating tasks I had you do last time you came to visit Me?  Oh that’s right,

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Mind Fucked to Pay

Feeling resistant?  Scared to take that next step in servitude?  Don’t be, because after watching this video you will be

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