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Renounce your Religion

Most likely you will value your religion, because you were born into it.  However, your religion was determined before you ever had a choice.  Your religion is most likely due to the part of the world or culture which you were born into. Can you see how the choice of your religion was never yours. Today however, I am going to give you an adrenaline surging choice. Today you will renounce your religion in honour of your true pleasure – Your true lust – Your true desires.

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Cult of Saffronism

Saffronism – a cult which is drawing in more and more males by the day. Saffronism, a hashtag which is

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My weak ones, today is a special day that you will celebrate like nothing before. Yes, today is officially SAFFMAS. 

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Your New Religion

You’ve been brainwashed from birth to worship an invisible man in the sky, sat on a throne.  Forget that pointless

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Eternal Chastity Part 2

Saffronism is now your new religion.  You worship ME as your Deity.  I am the all-knowing, all-seeing and all-powerful ultimate

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Confessions of a Loser

You are now a fully pledged follower of Saffronism, your new religion.  Like most religions, I receive  confessions.  Sometimes used

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