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Xmas Ripoff Part 4

So you’ve watched Xmas Ripoff Part 1, Xmas Ripoff Part 2 and Xmas Ripoff Part 3, I have milked you

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Xmas Ripoff Part 3

Xmas Ripoff Part 1 and Xmas Ripoff Part 2 have made you DIZZY- dizzy with LUST and OBEDIENCE. Oh the

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Xmas Ripoff Part 2

After watching Xmas Ripoff Part 1, you can now not resist buying this Xmas Ripoff part 2. In the second

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Xmas Ripoff Part 1

You are a very brave boy – to dare to read this dangerous, mind fuckery, JOI Xmas Ripoff video description. 

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My weak ones, today is a special day that you will celebrate like nothing before. Yes, today is officially SAFFMAS. 

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Findom Christmas Eve

T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; Except

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Festive Mega Milking

Today I am going to reveal to you a TRUE story about a new slave of Mine who began his

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A Broke Christmas

It’s such a magical time of year for many people – fun and laughter, happiness and giving, family time, partying

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