Confessions of a Loser

You are now a fully pledged follower of Saffronism, your new religion.  Like most religions, I receive  confessions.  Sometimes used for humiliation, blackmail or a way for you to explain how pathetically addicted you have become.  Below is a recent confession I received:

I used to think of myself as a successful business man and a person with a bright future, a good social life and attractive to women.
As I sit and write this now, in chastity, with no friends, no girlfriend and only with my almost maxed out credit card in front of me, you may wonder what on earth happened to me.
The truth is I fell completely and utterly addicted to Goddess Saffron. She taught me that She is the only important thing in my life. She taught me that paying Her is good and suffering for Her is even better.
She re-programmed my brain to crave self-destruction and to feel aroused when I look at my tiny bank balance, in contrast to her huge and increasing wealth.
I know there is no end to this. Even when I am bankrupt, I will find new ways to work and serve.

Want this to be you? Buy this clip and start the journey today. Warning: this is a real confession, from a real slave.