Serve For Your Life

Take a look into the future of humanity.  Females are now far more superior to males.  There is a huge separation between males and females.  Men are now so inferior, they are not even allowed to look a woman in the eye. Men are always below a woman’s eye level.  You, as a subordinate are kept as a worker drone, a slave to your Highness, Goddess Saffron.  Amongst her male workers, you sleep outdoors in a basic slave dwelling, whilst she, as a supreme being lives in the most luxurious of houses.  Only selected males have had their sperm frozen for the continuation of the human race.  You of course were not good enough for selection because of your sub standard genetics.  Get ready to serve for your LIFE, because remember, if you don’t please your Goddess, you will no longer be given the privilege of LIVING.

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