Eternal Chastity Part 2

Saffronism is now your new religion.  You worship ME as your Deity.  I am the all-knowing, all-seeing and all-powerful ultimate creatrix of your reality.
As the architect of your future, I issue my Divine Will, which becomes your will and destiny and binds you to me eternally. When you pray to me, You reinforce my Divine Will which leaves you trembling and submissive within my Divine Power. I take over your thoughts and consume you completely.  You dream at night about me.  You daydream thoughout the day about me.  You live and breathe for me.  Your heart beats for me and me alone.
As you are in eternal chastity for me, I offer an alternative form of orgasm: The Slave to Goddess Saffrongasm – a full body submissive orgasm achieved only through constant prayer, devotion, and following the commandments of My Divine Will.