Cuckold Dreams

Today I am going to bring into reality your deepest, darkest fantasy. I know you long to experience what it would be like to be a real cuckold. A cuckold observer, restrained in chastity whilst the pleasure unfolds before your very eyes. I want you to face the truth, that secretly you fantasize about watching your wife or girlfriend have sex with a well endowed black guy. A real man. Not like you, with your pasty white out of shape body and tiny unsatisfactory penis. But a real man. Muscular and in possession of a huge monster cock. Welcome to this powerful cuckold hypnosis file. After an initial induction and deepener, you will be taken on an erotic guided image journey, as I expliain to you exactly what your wife’s secret thoughts really are. You are going to experience a scenario that will leave your heart pounding and cock throbbing. The fear. The shock. The reality, of watching your wife experience a real man giving her an earth shattering orgasm. Yes, I am going to tell you, in detail, what your wife really wants and what she really thinks. Be ready and be warned that once you watch this video, you will never look at your wife in the same light again. The next time you have sex, you will be visualising the experience I am going to put you through today. This is dangerous. This is risky. This is the ultimate cuckold’s dream.

This is a genuine femdom hypnosis file designed to induce new thought patterns and behaviours. It contains powerful video, visual effects and crystal clear audio. As with all genuine mind control sessions, the audio is of primary importance so requires headphones. For maximum effect and 100% focus, it is best for eyes to remain closed throughout the instructed part of this video.

Warning: By listening to this file, you accept full responsibility for any positive or negative results. Do not drive or operate machinery directly after watching and/or listening to this file. Do not watch and/or listen to this file if you are suffering from any form of mental disorder or illness.