HypnoSub – Beta Wimp Mindfuck

I am going to take you deep down further into submission than you have ever been before.  I’m going to delve deep into your subconscious mind and tamper with your mental programming.  I will penetrate your thoughts with my entrancing, seductive, relaxing words.  I will distort your perception of reality.  I will leave you horny yet broken, confused and a mere reflection of the man you once were.  I’m going to over power you and tell you what you already know…. you will be laughed at by women and ridiculed by men.  Once my words are implanted deep within your subconcious, they remain there forever.  There is no going back.  Get ready to lose every last shred of your manhood as I tear down your dignity! Nobody wants to know you.  There is no place for beta wimp losers like you.  Yet I WILL offer you a purpose in your pathetic new existance…. and that’s to serve me as a slave… a true beta wimp submissive.  It’s your true life calling.  Accept it.  Give in.

Warning:  There is a reason I am the TOP producer of Mental Domination clips.  I am not some amateur model who has decided to produce a novelty mindfuck clip.  This is REAL hypnosis. Do not drive or operate machinery after watching this clip.  I will not be held responsible for any life changing personality traits you may develop.  I will not be held responsible for women to no longer find you attractive or for any abuse you may receive from other men.