Stop Whining Get Paying

I am so sick of hearing from whining, complaing slaves giving me sob stories about how they have no cash to please me.  What use is that to me?  Do you think I really want to hear your boring hum drum problems? I DON’T CARE about how much debt your in.  I DONT CARE about your personal commitments!  Who gives a shit!!!  Your constant complaining about how you can’t afford to eat is not going pay for my pedicures, manicures, high heels, designer handbags and expensive lingerie is it?  So get your fat lazy ass working harder.  Take out some pay day loans.  Steal from you wife.  Sell your furniture.  Even get your wife working over time!  She would get great pay as a stripper… but oh, I forgot how fat she is, so forget that one!  Anyway, I don’t care how you get the money!   Let’s not beat about the bush… If you can’t afford to send me those weekly tributes you will be quickly ignored by me.  So, enough of the complaining…. get straight to it… remember, you are nothing more than a pay check to me!!