Friday Night Cuck

It’s friday night, you come home late.  You find me upstairs slipping into a sexy outfit.  I pamper my hair, apply some glam makeup and expensive parfume.  You wonder what I am doing… you get excited at the anticipation of a hot date with me.  I sit you down and explain that this is no ordinary date.  This is a date with a real man I met last week.  You see, I am totally bored with you. You can no longer please me and tonight I am going to be pleased by a REAL ALPHA male.  Yeah, that’s right, I met a man who is so much better looking than you, so much bigger than you, so much richer than you, so much more intelligent than you. There is simply no comparison. You are a beta and he is a true alpha.  I quickly leave wearing a skin tight dress and amazing stiletto high heels.  All you are left with is the aroma of my parfume.

You have a restless night with thoughts going round and round in your head of what I am getting up to.  Before you know it, it’s the next morning.  You go upstairs to see my lazing and relaxing in bed.  You feel a sigh of relief not to find me with a guy.  But I then ask you “did you see him just leave?” and “did you get woken in the night with our wild noises?”  Your stomach sinks…you feel sick.  I see the look of pain in your face and I laugh at you.  I then just cannot resist telling you all abut my crazy wild night with my REAL man.  Infact I even filmed it so can learn a few things.  Sit there and watch it all, I want to see you squirm.

Don’t worry, because although you are a useless beta wimp who can’t please me, you do have a purpose around the house and that’s preparing my lingerie and outfits, cooking, cleaning and paying the bills.  If you play your cards right, I may even allow you to sit in on our next wild sex session and sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed.