Extreme Foot Trance

Stop denying your foot fetish!  Face up to it.  In this clip I will mesmerize you into GIVING IN to your foot fetish.  I program you subliminally to no longer deny your obsession with my soles.  Watch closely as I begin your trance with some perfect heel dangling.  I swing my heel back and forth, counting down slowly.  I then pull you in deep by revealing my pedicured toe nails, smooth soles and perfect high arches.  As my feet swing back and forth, you will become mesmerized and completely owned, sending you DEEP into a place you never thought existed.  The more aroused you get, the weaker you get.  The weaker you get, the more powerful I get.  It’s a little vicious circle within your pathetic existance.  You will not be able to escape it.  You will not be able to resist.  Warning…. this is a powerful visually hipnotic trance that will deepen and utilise (to my advantage) your already existing foot fetish.  You will become my ultimate foot piggy as you submit to me FULLY  whilst under the ultimate foot trance!