HypnoSub – Go Broke Part 2

You’ve watched Hypnosub – Go broke Part One, now it’s time to deepen your longing to live in poverty for me.  I am going to hypnotise you into a state where you will soon reject any desire for a comfortable life.  You will be craving to suffer for me.  You will be thinking about nothing more than earning lots of money for me.   Once under my trance, I implant commands such as how much you will contribute daily, or a percentage of your pay.  When you earn more, I will utiliase that excess cash.  As you earn, the more I take, the more I take the more you want to earn for me.  You will track all your activities involving money.  Where savings are made, you will send that to me.  You will no longer eat out, instead buying cheaper food from grocery stores such as rice and beans.  My existance is way more important that the pleasure of food for a slave.  Your clothes will be from second hand stores. When in a position to spend money you must first ask yourself what’s more important…. luxuries or Goddess?  I think you already know that answer!  You will sell unneeded items in your home and send me the cash.  Soon you will rent out your exisitng house, send me the rent and then you will rent a tiny room containing nothing but a bulb and a bucket.  You will no longer socialize.  Soon you will be wearing a chastity device 24/7 and I will be the keyholder.  Keeping you frustated, keeps you focused on serving me (see Steel Cage of Servitude).  Eventually you will long to get a tattoo with a mark of owndership to me.  You will post adverts, offering services up to old fat women and fat gross gay men. You will become my pay slut where you will be performing many degrading sexual acts. All earnings from this will go to me.  You will be living a simple life, because that’s all you deserve.  You will do as I command because it’s what I want you to do.  You will be programmed to live a purposeful life just for me.  You will love working, as you know you’re serving me and fullfilling your purpose in life as a slave.    Be ready for the ultimate findom spiral.  Before you know it, you will have made a name for yourself…. Saffron’s broke pay slut.

This clip is in Full HD 1920 x 1080.


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