HypnoSub – Go Broke

I am going to suck you into the world of Findom by reinforcing your already weak existence.  I love hearing a slave suffering for me, it really does show true devotion.  I love hearing a slave make true sacrifices such as getting a cheaper house, buying cheaper food, wearing cheap clothes, working longer hours, giving up hobbies, dumping their girlfriend, divorcing their wives, giving up socialising, working extra overtime, cancelling luxuries such as cable tv.  But sometimes even when slaves make these sacrifices, they still dont have enough money to keep me satisifed.  This is when I subject them to this hypno clip – Go Broke.  It will remove the fear of being broke for me.  You will finish watching this clip LONGING to be broke for me.  You will be taught how to make that all important money for me by selling your weedy body to a fat old desperate house wife, or even more money can be made by selling your wimpy ass to a fat old gay guy!  Oh there are so many ways in which you can get that cash!  I want you living in a tiny room with a bucket toilet, chair, bed and a single power saving light bulb hanging down from the ceiling.  That’s all you need!  No excuses!  Go broke for me!

Continued in HypnoSub – Go Broke Part 2