Mesmerizing Poppers Elation

You are going to become entranced by me. I am going to activate your submissive side.  I am going to have you take out your poppers, inhale on my command.  You are going to feel ME surge through your blood stream as I take over not only your body, but your mind. You are going to watch as I tease you with my intoxicating body and voice.  I am going to turn you into my little stroke worship poppers slave.  Go on, take another hit for me, feel yourself throbing, but don’t touch just yet,  keep on staring, keep on inhaling as I send you deeper and deeper into trance.  You will be left weak and ready to give me what I want and follow my commands. If you serve me well, you may be rewarded with the ultimate release.  Get ready for the ultimate poppers rollercoaster ride!

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