Chastity or Ruin

You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. I am going to give you what you NEED and what you truly DESERVE. First you are going to open those poppers and sniff on 3,2,1! Your intoxicated mindset is going to make you obey me. Your moods of arousal and submission are unpredictable. But I want true, permanent slaves. Not slaves blow hot and cold. So here’s the deal… sniff those poppers and get high because I am going to make a deal with you. You can either give me all your personal info, family details, wife’s name and bosses emails, along with your deepest darkest secrets. Stuff that if certain people in your life found out, it would ruin you forever! OR….. you can put on a chastity device. It will make you fully obedient to me. Yes, its uncomfortable, but that is how your life is going to be from now on. You can no longer touch that little prick of yours. You can stay locked up forever for all I care. You are going to hand that power over to me. But don’t fret, because I am going to give you an opportunity… I am going to give you an option. Send me all that poisonous info in an email now, and I will unlock you. When unlocked you have one opportunity to stroke worship, after which the device goes straight back on! You know I get so excited about fucking up someone like you.

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