Thong Bank Drain

The things you would do to get your hands on this tiny black thong of mine.  To have it delivered straight to your door.  Your heart pounds as it arrives and you eagerly open the package.  Just imagine it… holding this black material in your hand, knowing it has been so close to me.  Keep thinking about it, because today is your LUCKY day!!  Watch this clip, immerse yourself into pure thong torment as I tease and humiliate you with it.  At the end of this clip you will be given that ONCE in a lifetime opportunity to actually buy this tiny black thong.  But remember, this thong means a lot to me.  I have worn it for many photoshoots, cam sessions and video shoots so it has to go to a really good home!  But what qualifies as a “good home”?  You will soon find out in this clip.  First come, first served!  So get buying this clip for instructions.  You never know, you could be lucky enough to hold it in your hand very soon!!! Oh the thought!