Smug Office Hottie

I am that girl who gets away with everything.  I turn up late for work, I have extra long lunch breaks and have no respect for my boss.  Sometimes I don’t even turn up for work at all. I am spoilt and always get what I want! But how can I possibly get away with all this!?  Well…  I am a BITCHY, SEXY, BLACKMAILING BRAT!  Today I turn up late for work, wearing nothing but the most expensive designer clothing. I kick off my heels, put my feet up on my desk, begin to file my nails and apply lipstick whilst all the other office lemmings bury their heads in their work!  I am going to show you how I ALWAYS get my boss’s respect!!  Infact boss is the wrong word… I turned him into my obedient little pay slave!  Find out how in this clip!