Pay Bots

It seems like a life time ago that you were a normal guy.  But be honest with yourself…  you’ve never really been ‘normal’ have you?  You’ve always had depraved fetishes, but you dealt with them in the usual ways, like beating off to fetish porn and maybe committing to the odd fly-by cam session and light humiliation. But then you found my website, applied to be a ‘pay bot‘ and watched the money slave training video… Now you are a BOT, who’s only thought is servitude.

Pay bots are my favourite type of slave. They do not have independent thought, they do not blow hot or cold, they do not seek attention, nor do they think about anything about servitude. As a pay bot you have been programmed to pay and to work. You do so without thought and without recognition. No gratitude or even acknowledgement of your service is given or even granted.

So for those of you who have already signed your life away and are functioning as one of my pay bots, think of this clip as a new bit of information for your drive. For those of you looking to add meaning to your worthless life, buy this clip and allow yourself to be re-programmed.