HypnoSub Money Bot Programming

Just the words FINANCIAL DOMINATION really turn you on, don’t they? The mere thought of being a money slave to a sexy, powerful domme like myself makes the blood surge to your groin area. Admit it…. you have often fantasized about someone like me taking over your finances and ruining your life. The more you think about it, the nearer to reality you get with your little fantasy. Yet the reality of it scares the hell out of you. Do you think you can watch this clip for entertainment value and just walk away? Let me tell you something… I am going to introduce you to the concept of financial domination. The sound of my soft, sexy accent will literally melt you into a complete sense of security. I will seduce you. I will break you down slowly, turning you into an empty headed, mindless MONEY BOT. By the end of this clip your fear of findom will become your addiction and you will be begging to tribute me.

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