HypnoSub – Ass Trance

In this effective powerful mesmerizing clip, I will be putting you deep under a submissive trance purely by use of my ass and my voice.  If you had an ass addiction before, get ready to have it deepened much further.  Yet this trance doesn’t stop there… infact it will take you to a new, level of servitude.

As you focus visually on my ass, my soothing words will implant visual triggers to induce new feelings and urges.  You will find yourself dreaming about the contours of my smooth glossy ass. I will imprint visions of my ass deep into your mind which will trigger you to serve me more and more.  This clip contains binaural beats for maximum effect.  Requires headphones.  Warning: get ready for your eyes to be fixated on my ass and your mind fixated on my commands.