The Hand Over

We meet at a business convention.  I hear you have a business plan that looks very promising. I befriend you and offer some tips to help your business growth flourish.
I introduce you to a hypnosis programme which will give you new vigour and enthusiasm to work harder than ever before.  My hypno session will make you work 24/7, giving you new determination for financial success.  You eagerly go along with my plan, after all it’s in the interest of your own future right?

In reality I hypnotise you to not only grow your business, but have you sign documents handing over a percentage of your profits.  First I test your vulnerability by having you sign over a mere 10%.  You sign instantly without question.  Next I program you to you sign over 40%.  As I send you deeper into trance, your final signature will authorise 95% of all profits to be handed over to me, once the business hits $1million.   When you awake from hypnosis you have no recollection of what you have done.  All you feel increased enthusiasm to work hard at growing your business with a $1million target!

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