Meet Duchess Diamonds

Meet Duchess Diamonds, a wealthy business woman who married into British aristocracy.  Her husband used to be a millionaire, but she drained him of every penny and is now on the look out for a new victim.  You are a highly paid bank manager and she meets with you to discuss maintaining her rich lifestyle. She doesn’t want a loan, oh no, her business plan is much better than that.  She mesmerizes you and seduces you into instantly giving her $500 from the ATM machine.  You are such a weak helpless addict you sit there agreeing with whatever she says.

She then lures you into dismissing half of your staff.  Their wages would then be transferred straight into the Duchess’s bank account, which will contribute to her lavish lifestyle. After getting what she wants, she tells you that she will be back in a week’s time for more cash.  She leaves you feeling manipulated, used and abused. She has turned you into her little Money Mouse.

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