Stocking Clad Homewrecker Part 2

Best viewed after watching Stocking Clad Homewrecker Part 1.

After secretly filming you on your knees, gagging on your wife’s dildo, and saying your wife is an ugly old hag, I now have a good amount of video footage against you.  Surprise, surprise!  The visiting seductress returns!  But this time I not only seduce you with my sexy lingerie, stockings and hot body, oh no, I jump right in there and blackmail you!   First I first tell you how I could destroy your marriage, bring shame to your family, be ridiculed by your friends and have you sacked from your secure job.   But don’t worry, there is a way out… Simply do as I say, pay what I ask for and your nice little suburban lifestyle will continue unchanged.  Firstly I have you cancel your wife’s pension fund and planned vacations.  Then drip that extra cash straight into my bank account.

After getting you to do as I say, more fun and games continue as I seduce you once again, sending you deeper and deeper under my devious blackmailing control.
Continued in Stocking Clad Homewrecker Part 3.