Stocking Clad Homewrecker Part 1

It’s a special day today… it’s you and your wife’s anniversary.  You finish work early to set up a surprise romantic meal by candle light.  How lovely!!  You then get an unexpected visit from your hot new neighbour.  You’ve secretly been watching me and most probably jerking off looking at me. Being the devious bitch that I am, I quickly seduce you and make you face up to the cold hard fact that your wife is an ugly old hag.  Before you know it I am teasing you upstairs on your marital bed with my hot body, showing you my sexy lingerie and sheer nylon stockings that you wife would never wear.  You beg to touch me, but first I have you do a few things.  What happens next will change your future.

Continued in Stocking Clad Homewrecker Part 2.