Caged, Drained and Ditched

Our whirlwind romance quickly led to our wedding plans!  Many disapproved of our relationship.  They couldn’t understand as we are such an odd match.

When we met, I locked you into chastity with the promise of release, only on our wedding night.    The wedding night arrives and your anticipation of release is all you can think about.  But, I have a little confesion to make… oops I misplaced the key.  Of course you forgive me, but months go by and the excuses continue.

Eventually, when I have drained all your bank accounts, you are no longer any use to me.  I sit you down and tell you that I am leaving you for a younger, more successfull business competitor of yours.  I told him all of your business secrets, so he is now making much more money than you!

You can’t blame me… did you really think a broke old man like you could continue to please a girl like me?

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