Life’s a Bitch

It always goes like this.. the crueller I am to you, the more I dictate to you, the more I degrade and humiliate you, the more arrogant, smug and bitchy I become… In turn, you become more and more desperate to serve me. You were born with such a cruel, messed up, built in fetish that holds you back and stops you becoming the man you could have been. Rather than living a normal life, our socialising with attractive women and friends who care about you, you spend your life online, dripping more and more money into my bank account.  It’s hilarious!

Yet the most pathetic part of your existance is that you get nothing in return. You barely even get acknowledgement of the money you send. Occassionally, I might send you an invoice for more money, but that’s about it! All because of a twisted fetish you can’t control and never chose to have… Life really is a bitch to you!

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