Spoil my Alpha Male

You love spoiling me, your true one and only Goddess.  However, you have always accepted that you will never touch me.  Never be with me.  Never know what its like to touch my body or be with a woman anywhere near as perfect as me, but there IS one person who does have this privilidge and thats my REAL ALPHA Male.

In comparison to you, he is a TRUE man, a God, a typical example of a true MALE specimen!  Which is of course is the complete opposite of your pathetic beta wimp self!

Get ready for the ultimate humiliation and biggest kick in the balls as you learn your latest tasks…. spoiling my REAL Alpha man!?
I am going to show you what you will be doing for him.  Before you know it, you will be sending tributes marked “for Goddess Saffron’s Alpha Male”.

You will be making him even MORE attractive to me.  You will be paying for his colognes, gym membership, designer clothes, shoes, paying towards his new sports car, tailor made Seville row suits, male grooming, his penthouse suite, our weekends away, champagne dinners, mobile phones, laptops, oh and not forgetting my sexy lingerie which is going to drive him wild;)