Eternal Chastity

You are a submissive masochist locked in a real chastity device for over a year, purely for my divine sadistic pleasure and amusement.  I am aroused and entertained knowing that not only could you never have me, but you are also never going to be worthy of stroke worship to Your Divine Goddess. I hypnotically seduce you into the knowledge and wisdom that You will never be allowed to stroke again and that no amount of money would ever be enough to allow your release from chastity.  My teasing and torturing for the rest of your life is priceless and brings me sooo much pleasure, which in turn pleases you and is your ONLY pleasure.   You are, after all, dying to please me.

I finally offer the only way out of chastity: your death, after naming ME the sole beneficiary of your will. Yet after your death the chastity does not even end  you are reborn into an afterlife of my design.  As I am a true Goddess, and you are my eternally hypnotized, submissive, masochistic, humiliated chastity slave, you will be subjected to my eternal teasing and torturing. Before the transition into your next life, I grant a mere 35 seconds release, after which, with a devious smile I relock your chastity device FOREVER.