Milked by a Succubus Part 2

As Milked by a Succubus Part 1 became one of my biggest selling clips, I decided to release this second sequel clip.
I drained so many weak males in part one that my power is now beyond control.  I am now ready for total world domination.  I take your leg weakness to a new level this time.  As you enter the temple of the ultimate succubus, I once again drain your manhood and strength by using my perfect long legs to tease you and deviously encourage stroke worship.  I torment you with my wicked ways, devious smile and using my tongue I coax you to the brink of no return.  Just as you reach the point of draining, I tell you that you are simply a tiny part of my big plan.  For every alpha male that succumbs to my spell, leaves a new beta wimp, drained of every last drop of manhood.  My big plan to drain all men and replenish my phenomenal power is stronger and more dominant than ever before.  As I drain you, like all the rest, your little drop is consumed into an ocean of my control for eternity.