HypnoSub – Shout My Name

Get ready for one of my most dangerous hypnosub clips ever.  Once you are deep under my trance, I am going to step right in and claim what is mine.  Due to all my previous hypnosub clips, I already own a large percentage of your subconscious, however in this clip I am going to claim 100% of that puppet mind of yours.  I will induce stupor, empty those thoughts and implant subliminal triggers that will be activated at my chosen time.  I am going to associate my name with anything sexual or feminine.  Before you know it you will be shouting out my name in the midst of your arousal with your wife or girlfriend, or even in the workplace!  Be prepared for the consequence.  This is a powerful mind controlling clip.  Lock the door, turn off your phone, get comfortable and be ready for new and exciting drama that is going to engulf your mundane world.